Naturally added value

NUTRACITRUS is located in the south-eastern Spanish region, an area rich in fruits and vegetables customary in the Mediterranean diet. In NUTRACITRUS, we understand quality starts from the beginning, so we guarantee the TRACEABILITY of the raw materials.

We also comply with HACCP regulation and we are currently working on the incorporation of GMPs and ISO 9002 quality standards.

In NUTRACITRUS we use water and hydroalcoholic extractions combined with purifying techniques. The extraction processes are designed to obtain HIGH PURITY, FOOD GRADE and NON ALLERGEN extracts. Our products from fruits and vegetables are also perfectly WATER SOLUBLE.

All deliveries enclose their own CERTIFICATES OF ANALSIS, substantiated by our Quality Department. The parameters are set up according to Pharmacopoeia methodologies and spectrophotometric and chromatographic techniques. Antioxidant capacity by ORAC and TEAC methods is included as well. All details are important for us, therefore the equipments’ calibrations are done following certified standard.

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