We look into plants, fruits and vegetables with a sound tradition in health and nutrition, finding the most interesting bioactive nutrients in them. Specially, all our products retain a sound scientific background regarding their antioxidant capabilities.

Our policy is to focus in a limited range of products, in order to achieve the highest standards in quality and purity.

Browse through our products catalogue and find those more adjusted to your needs. On a general basis you may be interested in adding our ingredients in any of the following categories:

• Functional ingredients: Add value to your products, going beyond their nutritional profile and including beneficial healthy effects for your customers.

• Cosmetics: Enhance your products with our natural antioxidants full potential to prevent degenerative stress.

• Dietary supplements: Profit from our high purity, products and decrease you formulation costs.

• Food preservative: Discover the advantages of adding natural preservatives to your food products. Our products natural bioactivity makes difficult for microbial or fungal oxidative processes to appear.

The quality control system includes HACCP regulation, traceability of the raw material and a complete Certificate of Analisys in every delivery.

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