Fruits and vegetables are a natural source in antioxidants, which could help preventing diseases related with free radicals’ activity or oxidative stress. Factors such as missing a balanced diet, keeping to sedentary life, contamination, stress and cellular aging itself could lead to developing CVD, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, the metabolic syndrome or other chronic diseases. Antioxidants could lessen free radicals activity and by so reduce the risks to our health.

NUTRACITRUS manufactures and sells fruits, vegetables and plant extracts purified to their own NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS. Our product range includes anthocyanins, flavonoids and other types of polyphenols, compounds with a sound scientific background in the health risk prevention.

If you are thinking to start or fortify your bioactive ingredients, please consult our range of high added value products to add in functional food and drinks, dietary supplements, cosmetics or as natural preservatives.

Naturally added value.

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