The new Antioxidative Power (AP) method offers the determination of the all over antioxidative power of active ingredients, i.e. plant extracts, vitamins, etc. The AP determines the activity of antioxidants and radical scavengers. The higher capacity of a test substance to neutralize free radicals is and the higher the reaction velocity is, the higher is the AP.

For NUTRAGRANATE, a natural pomegranate extract, a very high antioxidative activity was found (709.567 AU). The short reaction time of 0,40 minutes indicates that all antioxidative active compounds, mostly polyphenols, are at the lowest oxidative state and have therefore a high reactivity towards free radicals. With respect to pomegranate juices, NUTRAGRANATE has a 200-300 fold higher activity.

These first results indicate that all tested extracts could be suitable for the preparation of highly antioxidative active food, food supplements or cosmetic preparations.

* Study realized by GEMATRIA TEST LAB GMBH.

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